This little niche in cyberspace is for a group of people who may or may not be totally unrelated to each other to vent and anonymously voice their thoughts, opinions and if they want, their diaries in the knowledge that they are open to be read by others, but completely anonymously.

Why would they want to do this?

Have you ever done something incredibly awesome, so awesome that you want to tell the world about it? Sometimes, the best things we do are the things we can never talk about.  Whether for our own modesty, or because others will judge us for them.

That’s exactly why this site exists.  It’s a network that can allow those people who need it to express those things without being identified.

Two of our members are open swingers and want to verbalise what they’d love to be able to say to even their closest friends but cannot, one is an author who needs to vent plot lines without giving the game away, another is a counselor and therapist who occasionally needs to clear their minds by venting openly without incriminating people, there are many more of us.

We expect that no-one will read these except us, just like a diary, but are open to the idea that others, people who stumble upon us, may discover this little place and maybe gain insight, help or offer advice… or maybe they’ll decide that they need a place like this too.

Open registration will come in the near future.

Thank you for stopping by, in the menu you’ll see some of the posts made by our members that are freely viewable, why not take a look!

The Team @ OpenMinded.me.uk