The Network

We are building the site as we go, combining the features of WordPress with some custom coding by Marcus and suitable plugins from the Word/Buddypress market place.  One thing that stood out to us, as we started the project, was that most people blog individually and as couples – we decided to do both.  So we’ve split this site into sub-sites. is the overall site, this will be available to everyone, viewable by everyone and act as the front end to the forums and social networking side of the site.   Here we will post information that’s useful whether you’re following Jen or Marcus, neither or both!  Mostly it will be information about the site and our network – what forum features are we adding, are we arranging any meetups etc. is Jen’s personal blog, this will be anything and everything relevant to Jen’s world. is Marcus’ personal blog, as above 😉 I can say that I’ll be adding erotic stories to the mix, and regular thought of the days to try and get people engaging! is both of ours, we’ll work together on content, shared experiences, thoughts and everything we think you can know about our various meets!  This is where the nitty gritty happens, and will be ‘registered user’ only.  Expect crude, nudity, explicit details… oh yes.

Any more?  Well, yes there will be – we’re bringing on-board some much more experienced people than us to blog and inform the world – more to come!

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