This isn’t a paid post, I just thought I’d share some of the swinger sites we use to find others of the same mindset, and I hope you guys will comment with a few more for us to look at and review.

So our most frequent haunt is definitely www.fabswingers.com.  It’s touted as a free site, though you can pay a fiver for extra features, which we’ll cover later, but even in it’s free variety it’s a very usable site.

Signing up is easy, just like any other site, however in order to become a fully fledged member you also have to verify yourself with a photo, holding up a sign saying fabswingers.com – easy enough, once this has been verified by the moderators you will be accepted in to the folds of Fab.

The normal social features are available – there’s a forum which is quite active, a lot more active than many other sites, but doesn’t have the structure we’ve all come to expect from forums, it’s a very primitive arrangement, but it works!  If you post in the wrong place, or post something and change your mind, you cannot delete your post, which is a feature I love – you can delete the content of the post, but people will be able to see that you at least said something.  An important note though – forums are google indexed, and everything said in there can be read by people searching google – probably the other engines too!

The chat room feature is very busy, mostly with people looking to cam chat – you can stream your live cam to the masses, everyone in a room, though I haven’t discovered a private alternative where you can stream only to one person,

If you’re a subscribing member / supporter, you can have several cams open at once – viewing various people doing various things, everything from sitting in front of their pc looking bored to full on sexploits, there are rooms where you can even direct the action, if the users are taking any notice.  However directing in rooms not specified for this purpose will end in a kicking out of the room, and eventual ban for repeat offenders.

Now, those are the main social communication options, but you also have your profile, which you can pretty much write whatever you want – this is your advert, it’s your place to sell yourself, but also where you set your boundaries (which will probably be ignored by most people but you learn to ignore those people), things you don’t want, rules for contacting you and so on.

You have a public gallery (into which we suggest you only put pictures without faces!) which everyone can see, and then a private gallery just for friends.  One of the greatest aspects here is that you can send images via email – you get a specialised email address just for that purpose, simply send from your phone after some playing with the camera and they arrive in your gallery.

From the profile people can private message you, but you can set filters – don’t want single men to contact you?  Turn the filter on… and so on.

Which leads to the final part – social verification.  If I was to meet you in person, I could then verify you, with a comment, to say that you are who you are, and what a fun person that is, or whatever.  Social verifications are a great way to build up your trust levels – there are a lot of people on there pretending to be other people, always always always look for verifications!!

So, go on, give www.fabswingers.com a look – and look up our profile – couple_m_and_j

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